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      Beijing Huayuan Thai Union Energy Saving Equipment Co.,Ltd.

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      Add:Yousheng Building C, 10-story, on the 20th of Chengfu Road, Haidian District, Beijing.

      Heating unit with flue gas
      Heating unit with flue gas



      The unit works with gas-burning combined cooling, heating and power cogeneration system (CCHP). Without extra energy consumption, it uses high-temperature flue gas as driving force to extract low-quality heat and reduce the temperature to lower than 30℃. In winter, the heating ability of the system is increased by 50% compared with the traditional absorption unit with low-temperature water. In summer, the system acts as the cool sink of central air-conditioner to accommodate the waste heat which should have been discharged to the environment through cooling tower. Thus, there will be a balance of heat among seasons and the system could work efficiently for long time.

      Driving source: high temperature flue gas

      Remaining heat that can be utilized: soil, underground water, urban sewage

      Heat gained: used for regional heating and cooling
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