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      Beijing Huayuan Thai Union Energy Saving Equipment Co.,Ltd.

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      Add:Yousheng Building C, 10-story, on the 20th of Chengfu Road, Haidian District, Beijing.

      Absorption heat exchange unit with large water difference
      Absorption heat exchange unit with large water difference


      Using primary thermal network water as driving energy, on the premise of satisfying the heating quality of secondary thermal network,primary thermal network return water’s temperature is reduced to lower than 30℃. It can increase the heating capacity of CHP by 30%, reduce the energy consumption of CHP by 40% and increase the transportation capacity of current thermal network by 80%.
      It can be personally designed according to clients’ requests. A single machine can meet the heating demand of 30-400 thousand square meters.

      Driving source: primary thermal network water
      Heat gained: used for the district heating.
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