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      Absorption heat pump unit of the second type
      Absorption heat pump unit of the second type


      Also called the temperature-boosting absorption heat pump, it generates a few energy of high-temperature from large amount of heat of middle-temperature heat source. Driven by middle and low temperature heat, the second class absorption heat pump could transfer the heat from middle or low temperature reservoir to higher temperature, thereby improving the energy quality. The coefficient of performance of the second class absorption heat pump unit is always less than 1, about 0.4~0.5. There is no need for higher temperature heat as driving force, but it needs low-temperature cooling water.

      Surplus heat that can be utilized: waste hot water whose temperature is higher than 80℃, exhausted steam, vapor and mono-component or multi-component liquid or gas.

      Heat gained: can get heat medium or steam whose temperature is higher than waste heat source by about 40℃ but not higher than 175℃ for use in industry or as high-temperature heat medium

      Cooling water source: cooling water cycle system of the cooling tower, cooling water in industry system, etc.
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