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      MVR Mechanical Vapor Re-compression Technology


      Technology Develop Background 

      1. For the problem of industrial waste water high concentration salt, it can be solved and reach zero carbon emission by evaporation technology, but the energy consumption during evaporation is very costly;

      2. Sludge drying is an important step to realize the harmless and resourceful treatment of sludge. The existing drying process consumes a lot of energy;

      3. Distillation is the main separation technology in chemical production, with a wide range and large scale, but generally has low thermal efficiency and high energy consumption;

      4. MVR technology can use a small amount of electric energy to reuse the phase change heat of the evaporation, drying, and rectification process, reduce the energy consumption and operating costs of related industries dramatically; 

      Technical Process Schematic


      水蒸氣 steam 壓縮機 compressor 熱交換器 heat exchanger 分離器 separator 原料進 source water inlet 冷凝水出 condensate water outlet 預熱板換 Pre-heat exchanger 冷凝水箱 condensate water box 濃縮液排出 concentrate discharge 

      Application Instruction 

        MVR(Mechanical Vapor Re-compression) is an advanced evaporation technology in domestic and foreign evaporation field. This technology compresses the secondary steam generated in the evaporation process by a steam compressor, increases the pressure and temperature of the secondary steam, and returns it to the evaporator as a heat source to heat the original solution. This process makes full use of the latent heat of the secondary steam to achieve cyclic heating. The purpose of replacing fresh steam, saving a lot of energy, greatly reducing operating costs, and truly achieving the triple effect of energy saving, emission reduction and water saving.

      MVR technology is widely used in the treatment of high-salt waste water and industrial production.

      Technical Advantages

      1. MVR evaporation crystallization technology can separate various salt crystals in waste water to obtain high-quality distilled water;

      2. Using the principle of compression heat pump, replace the fresh new steam heat source with its own exhausted steam through a small amount of electricity consumption;

      3. The energy consumption for evaporating one ton of waste water is as low as 20 kWh, and there is no other energy consumption;

      4. Drying one ton of sludge (80% 40%), the energy consumption is as low as 100 kWh, and the comprehensive SMER>7;

      5. In the rectification process, this technology uses 40-100 kWh of electricity to replace one ton of steam consumption in the original process.

      Typical Process

      1. Evaporation (concentration) crystallization


      蒸餾水Distilled water 廢水Waste water 預熱Preheat 冷凝水Condensate Water 強制循環加熱器Forced circulation heater MVR蒸汽壓縮機 MVR steam compressor 蒸汽steam  結晶器Crystallizer 離心機Centrifuge 出鹽Salt out 母液罐Mother liquor tank

      2、 Sludge drying


      壓縮機compressor 濕物料Wet material 干物料Dry material 干燥器Dryer 水泵Water pump 脫出水污水處理Sewage treatment 冷凝水收集Condensate collection 氣液固三相分離器Gas-liquid-solid three-phase separator



      壓縮機compressor 冷凝泵Condensate pump 精餾塔Distillation tower 回流Backflow 進料Material feed 塔頂產品Tower top products 塔釜液Tower liquid 原料進Raw materials 預熱器Preheater 出料泵Discharge pump 循環泵Circulation pump 再沸器Re-boiler

      4、Zero discharge of desulfurization waste water:


      鍋爐Boiler 省煤器Economizer 廢水蒸干塔Waste water evaporation tower 余熱暖風器Residual heat heater 空氣預熱器Air preheater 空氣Air 電除塵器Electric dust collector 煙氣冷卻器Flue gas cooler 20wt%濃鹽水20wt% concentrated brine

      5、MVR mechanical vapor recompression system


      清水會用Water reuse 脫硫塔Desulfurization tower 煙囪Chimney

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