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      A district heating system with Co-generation


      The contradiction that the district heating system with co-generation faces
      1.There is a shortage of heat source, and the low-temperature surplus heat from CHP units is hard to be used. About 30% of the heat was discharged directly through cooling towers.
      2.The transportation capacity of thermal network is not enough which is the problem of district heating. The construction of multi-pipe network costs a lot and demands time.



      A complete absorption cycle consists of large-water-temperature-difference heating technology based on absorption cycle and the technology of recovery of surplus heat based on absorption cycle. The surplus heat recovery unit to recycle exhausted heat of condensate steam is installed in the first thermal station to solve the problem of heat source shortage. At the same time, the installation of absorption units with large water temperature difference that take the place of the original plate heat exchanger in the municipal thermal stations to reduce the temperature of the primary network return water and enlarge the temperature difference of the water of primary network so that it can improve the transportation ability of thermal network.

      Technology advantages:
      1.The temperature of primary network return water is reduced to 20℃.
      2.The heating ability of CHP is increased by 30%.
      3.The consumption of heat-supply is reduced by 40%.
      4.The transportation capacity of pipe network is increased by 80%.

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