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      Beijing Huayuan Thai Union Energy Saving Equipment Co.,Ltd.

      Contact us

      Contact Us

      Add:Yousheng Building C, 10-story, on the 20th of Chengfu Road, Haidian District, Beijing.

      Devote to improvement of citizen’s living quality

      Be the pacemaker in the field of surplus heat utilization
      Be the pusher of building a low-carbon city
      Be the guardian of blue sky

      Innovative, Pragmatic, Proactive and Double-winning

      Core Value
      Inherit and innovate, satisfy all clients, honesty and affection, work-hard and keep going

      Strategic Positioning
      With  comprehensive process,we can provide our clients with a series of personal, professional and systematic solutions of municipal centralized heating

      Business Philosophy
      Enormous as sea to accommodate all rivers.

      Management Philosophy
      Integrity management, regulating operation, innovative development

      First comes the integrity; base lies in responsibility.

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