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      Beijing Huayuan Thai Union Energy Saving Equipment Co.,Ltd.

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      Add:Yousheng Building C, 10-story, on the 20th of Chengfu Road, Haidian District, Beijing.

      • July The technology of“A district heating system with Co-generation based on absorption heat-exchange (Co-ah)” won second prize of National Prize for Technological Invention from the State Department, the first prize of Science Technology of Beijing and one of Top 10Application Technologies of Energy-saving in China, etc.
      • June More than 20 modification projects that were widely promoted have achievedsignificant effect. With being highly accepted,the technology has been applied to a large scale in many cities, such as Taiyuan and Datong.
      • August Demonstrativeproject construction:surplus heat utilization of exhausted steam  and large temperature difference reformation project of the Datong First Combined Heating and Power Plant
        The most complete demonstrative project of centralized heating system based on Co-ah cycles in CHP systems based on absorption heat exchange
        The first application in air-cooling unit of centralized heating system based on Co-ah cycles in CHP systems
      • March Appraisalof Co-ah circles
        The first successful application in the word of large temperature difference absorption heat-exchanging unit into thermal substation
        The first application of recollecting the surplus heat from CHP using large temperature difference absorption heat pump unit.
      • May On the engineering frontier seminar of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, academicians and experts regardedthe “centralized heating system based on Co-ah cycles in CHP systems” as an important technology innovation in the area of central heating of CHP,which means a lot to the goal of energy-saving and carbon emission reduction.
      • June An important original innovation of central heating of CHP
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